His Perfect Dead Ex (2019)

18 min, Horror Comedy

Lucy is in a great relationship with Hank. The only problem is... his passed-away ex-girlfriend just won't leave her alone. She stalks Lucy everywhere to remind her how perfect of a girlfriend she was and tries to help her become one. Hank, on the other end, never believes in spirits nor can he sees one. Knowing that he won't buy it, Lucy never share this secret until she finally falls sick for it and Hank is forced to deal with it...

  • March 2020 - Golden Harvest Awards
    Best Editing Winner
    Best Narrative Short Nominee
    Best screenplay Nominee
  • August, 16, 2021 - Taiwan Public Television

Writer Director: Liang-Chun Lin  

Producer : Ching-Ying Chen

Cinematographer : Chi-Ming Sun

Editor: Liang-Chun Lin

Production Designer : Wei-Chung Chen

Sound Designer : Kenny Chen (One Step Sound)

Original Soundtrack : Yi-Ting Chang (Sound Me Studio)