About me

Liang-Chun Lin was born and raised in Taiwan. She earned her BA of Radio and Television at Chengchi University in Taipei and MFA from Chapman University in Film Production, emphasizing on directing.

Two of her previous short films, YUTAS (2013) and HIS PERFECT DEAD EX (2018), were nominated as Best Student Short and Best Narrative Short in The Golden Harvest Film Festival (biggest short fest in Taiwan) and the recent one, Still Rolling, was selected by Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and San Diego International Film Festival. A DIRE STRAIT (2022), which examines the severity of the postpartum custom of "Zuo-Yue-Zi", is Liang's graduate thesis film. She is also currently in development on Grandmas' bikini, a new feature film focused on the identity crisis and self-recognition of elderly women.

She's specialized in acting training for inexperienced actors and is known for her considerate directing style. She has directed 10 narrative short films and now continues developing content that reflects on Asian women experience. 

Assistant Directing & Production Coordinator.

Other than writing and directing, she also works as an assistant director or Mandarin-English bilingual production coordinator. Throughout 9 years of experience working in Taiwan, US and China, she has AD'd feature film, episodic, promotional content and more than 20 short films and was just accepted into the AD trainee program of Directors Guild of America in the class of 2022.

Having directed short films herself, she is able to quickly understand directors' and producers' vision and notice any miscommunication. She has also trained herself in almost all departments, from production, camera, electric, art, make-up to post production. Seeing the frame from different perspective has helped her become a better leader as well as a good team player. She's got strength in pre-solving potential problems and creating a good system to help the whole team stay organized and efficient.